Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan


1983: Born in Mödling, Austria

2002-2007: MFA Painting class w/ Hubert Schmalix  and Amelie von Wulffen , Academy of fine arts Vienna

2003: Summer Academy Innsbruck, Austria, Silk screen printing class

2004-2010: Japanese Studies, University of Vienna

2005-2007: Tokyo University of Art and Design, Tokyo, Painting class w/ Masami Kondo

2013: Research Student at Tokyo University of the Arts, Figurative Painting w/ Mext Scholarship of the Ministry of Education Japan

2014-2017: Doctoral Course Oil Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, w/  Mext Scholarship of the Ministry of Education Japan
          //日本文部科学省国費外国人留学生生制 奨学生

2014- 2017: Teaching Assistant Tokyo University of the Arts



lSolo Exhibitionsl

2022: I’m climbing a mountain and I’m never looking back, SYP Gallery, 東京

2019: Visions, Neptune Gallery, Taipei

2016: One perfect moment, Ken Nakahashi Gallery, Tokyo 

2014: Halcyon, Ken Nakahashi Gallery, Tokyo

2011: Urban Crowds, Suppan Contemporary Gallery , Vienna

2008: Crowds refigured,  Suppan Contemporary Gallery, Vienna

2007: Strange Days, Otamachi Gallery , Yokohama


lGroup Exhibitionsl


2023: Osaka Art Festival, Osaka, Japan
          Nakanojo Biennale, Japan (September 2023) 

2022:   I AM-the Exhibition, Conference Center/ Deseret Book Flagship, Utah, USA
          Overview Vol.2, SYP Gallery, Tokyo 
         Hyper Contemporary, Hasbrook Galleries/ Real Tinsel, Milwaukee, USA 
        Mini Maru, Sansiao Gallery, Tokyo

2021: Overview Vol.2, SYP Gallery, Tokyo 

2020: Morning Call, Buoy, 東京

2019: Intermedia Art Project Exhibition, Neptune Gallery, Taipei

2018: Mitsukoshi X Geidai Summer Art Festival, Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo

         Liminal Structures, Art Studio Dungeon, Tokyo

2017: Star Tale, Ken Nakahashi Gallery, Tokyo

         Blossom Blast-What it means to be a woman, Ultra Super New Gallery, Tokyo

         Taro or Alice-In the Dark, Maruhi Gallery, Tokyo

2016: 3331 Arts Chiyoda Art Fair, Tokyo 

2015: "Necessarius", Matchbaco Gallery, Tokyo
         "Garo Romance", Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Art, Tokyo 
         "Taro or Alice-Liquid", Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
         "Foreign Student Fair Program", Artcenter Complex, Tokyo (September)

2014: "Random Demonstration Studio", Room 504, Tokyo University of the Arts
 "Taro or Alice Vol.5", Turner Gallery, Tokyo

 2013: "Muestra Paralela. Aqui y Ahora/ Parallel Exhibition. Here and Now", No Space(Klaus Steinmetz Gallery), San Jose, Costa Rica

          "Geronimo// ジェロニモー展", Turner Gallery, Tokyo

          "Bob and Vida// ボブとウイーダ", Yuga Gallery, Tokyo
          "Zeichnung! Zeichnung!" (Drawing! Drawing!), Künstlerhaus, Vienna


2012: "Face it", Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery, Vienna

          "k/ Haus 18- Malerei der Gegenwart", Artemons Museum, Hellmonsödt, Upper Austria


2011: "Borders", Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

          3rd Wohnzimmerbiennale ("Living room Biennale"), Vienna


2010-2011: "Participants of the art camp", Ara Art Gallery, Ordino, Andorra; Catalan Center of the arts, Paris, Embassy of Andorra, Lisbon, Portugal (Traveling exhibition)


2009:  Share your Dreams-Young art from the EU, Suppan Contemporary Gallery , Vienna


2007:  Diploma Exhibition, Academy of fine art Vienna

          Diploma Exhibition, Tokyo University of Art and Design

          Constructing reality, Austrian Cultural Forum, Tokyo


2006: Apfelstrudl 83/84, Design festa Gallery, Tokyo


2005: A Lot, Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo

         CS Festival, Tokyo University of Art and Design, Tokyo

         Real-Young Austria/ Junges Österreich, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria

         Art Position, Ottakringer Brewery, Vienna


2004: Veronika Oberlojer and Sabrina Horak, Sauruck Gallery, Vienna

         Christmas Exhibition, Sauruck Gallery, Vienna

         Curator's Project/ Annual Exhibition, Academy of fine Art Vienna


2003: Alternative Annual Exhibition, Gallery Area 53, Vienna


2002: Unterdruck, Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg, Austria



 lArtist in Residencel


2012: Artist in Residence, Domus Artium, Paliano, Italy, Via Land Niederösterreich

2011: Artist in Residence of the austrian embassy, Tehran, Iran// supported by the the federal Ministry for Art and Culture, Austria

2011: Galleria Budapest via Cultural Department of the city of Vienna

2010: "Colors per al Planeta" Art Camp of UNESCO, Ordino, Andorra


 lArt Fairsl

 2021: One Offs Art Fair, 台Tapei, Taiwan
      Art Taichung, Taiwan
2021: Art Taina, Taiwan

2020: One Art Taipei, Taiwan
Art Taichung, Taiwan


2019: Art Taichung, Taiwan

2015: 3331 Art Fair, Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

2008: KUNSTart, Bolzano;

         Miart, Milano



 2021: I AM Grant, Center for Latter Day Saint Art

2017: Kinutani Kouji Award for figurative Painting//Mainichi Newspaper (奨励賞)




2008: Collection of the federal Ministry for Art and Culture for the Artothek in Austria